Japan Game Awards 2008

Amateur Division

Japan Game Awards 2008 ::: AWARDED GAMES - Amateur Division

Award results of The JAPAN GAME AWARDS 2008
have been announced as follows.

Grand AwardAmateur Division Grand Award

Variable Ball Crisis
Platform : PC / Position : Niigata Computer College / Team SK-III
Evaluation was high in other judges. Our planner who participated in first judgment also nominated this work as the best one. These days, the physical operation is laid which became in common, but without being swung around with it, it is finished as a simple but a profound game.


Award for excellenceHonorable Mention

Awards Title Platform Position
Award for
Variable Ball Crisis PC Niigata Computer College / Team SK-III
a void PC Niigata Computer College / Seraphim
KAKIWAKE! Pon Pon Sweets DS Digital Entertainment Academy / NANANANANA-NANA
Clim Load!! PC Niigata Computer College / Trigger
Sharp shooting Mobile NAGOYA KOUGAKUIN COLLEGE / Mr. Ken Inagaki
POP PC Niigata High Technology College / A___
ETERNAL LOCUS PC Digital Entertainment Academy / Moriko
Fate of  Midnight Castle PC Sendai School of Digital Arts / Mr. Watanobe Takayuki
Catch de Poi PC Shizuoka Professional Training College of Industrial Technology / Intentional
PATAPATA PANEL PUZZLE NAMIPANE DS HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design / Marudon

Abbreviations of platform
PC: Personal Computer / DS: NintendoDS and DS lite / Mobile: mobile telephone

Organizer:Computer Entertainment supplier's Association(CESA) / Supporting body:Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry

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