Japan Game Awards 2008

Awards Guideline and Selection Criteria

Japan Game Awards 2008 ::: OVERVIEW - Awards Guideline and Selection Criteria

[Games of the Year Division]

Eligible Game

All games that were released onto the Japanese market between April 1, 2007, and March 31, 2008.


Product Requirements
  1. All computer entertainment games are eligible, including those operable on consumer-oriented home videogame systems (stationary or portable-type) or PCs, regardless of platform type.
  2. Games produced by non-members of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association are also eligible. (Games must, however, comply with CESA ethics codes).
  3. The Japanese versions of foreign game titles are also eligible.



・ Grand Award (1 title)
・ Award for Excellence (number unspecified)
・ Global Award / Japanese Product (1 title) Foreign Product (1 title)
・ Best Sales Award (1 title)
・ Special Award (awarded only if there are appropriate recipients)


Award Selection Procedure

After the general voting is completed, the Japan Game Awards selection committee will be called to select the winners on the basis of the following selection criteria.
The product evaluated highest as the game of the year will be presented with the "Grand Award", and the "Award for Excellence" will be presented to other games which receive high ratings. The "Global Award" will be presented for both the Japanese title and foreign title most highly appraised overseas.The "Best Sales Award" will be presented for the best-selling title sold in Japan during the specified period. The "Special Award" may be given to titles or producers which the committee seems appropriate for the award.


Selection Procedure

Winners for each award are selected in accordance with evaluation of the following five game elements as well as evaluation of users.

(1)Design The plan and organization of the game are evaluated.
(2)Programming Programming techniques used to create the game software are evaluated.
(3)Graphics Imaging and graphics used in the game are evaluated.
(4)Sound Sound quality and effects used in the game are evaluated.
(5)Scenario The development of the storyline in the game is evaluated.
(6)User evaluation The following two types of data will be used as references in the judging session.
1. The result of general voting will be used as an evaluation reference to determine the winner of the "Grand Award" and the "Award for Excellence".
2. Sales volumes will be used as an evaluation reference at the judging session.
*Depending on the type of award, numerical data from both inside and outside of Japan may be referred to.

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