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Award for excellenceXenoblade3

General Description



Title Xenoblade3
Release 2022/7/29
Price 8,778yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo Switch
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd./MONOLITH SOFTWARE INC.
Copyright © Nintendo / MONOLITHSOFT


The latest title of a popular RPG “Xenoblade” series.

Adventure in a filed drawn with overwhelming scale, battle realizing both strategic characteristics and exhilarating feeling.

BGM that gives added grace to various scenes.

Many players moved by the dramatic story of the main characters living a limited life of ten years praised the title as the “integration of the series” and “very best of orthodox RPG” and the game received the award.

Work Introdution

Fight to live and live to fight. It is a story of life to connect the past and the future.

World of “Ionion” where spacious nature stretches.

When conflict between two hostile nations “Keves” and “Agnus” was escalating, there were six young fellows who belong to respective nations. They explore the “Great Sword’s Base” to discover the truth, why they have to fight?

Positioning relative to the opponent is important in the battle that begins seamlessly from the field search.

You can carry on the battle advantageously by efficiently using three characters having three roles, “attacker”, “defender” and “healer”. Furthermore, you can enjoy battle with more freedom owing to additional new system including “Class Change” to change feature and role of a character, “Interlink” to enable two characters to be merged to transform into a stronger form (Uroboros), and a battle mode to fight in a team of seven members at maximum including other characters who have become comrade during the adventure.

A magnificent story begins now on the theme of “Life” that connects the future of past two titles of the Xenoblade series.



Comment of the game producer

We of the staff are all happy winning the award three times in succession for “Xenoblade” released 13 years ago in 2010, “Xenoblade 2” and “Xenoblade 3” of this time.

Looking back on the history of Xenoblade, it is nothing but the history of Monolith Software that has worked together hand-in-hand with Nintendo aiming at more amusing and more sought-for games by customers.

Our staff who were new employees when we were developing “Xenoblade” have grown up to assume important positions of Monolith Software such as directors and part leaders.

While the story of “Xenoblade” beginning from a character named “Klaus” came to an end in lately released “New Future”, an additional story to “Xenoblade 3 Expansion Pass”, it is just the beginning.

We are going to go on a new challenge together with comrades who supported us and new comrades who will join us in the future on the basis of the know-how we have cultivated to date.

Thank you very much.

Tetsuya Takahashi, Monolith Software Inc.