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Game Designers AwardInscryption

General Description



Title Inscryption
Release 2021/10/20
Price 2,050yen(tax included)
Platform Steam
Distributor Devolver Digital
Publisher Devolver Digital
Developer Daniel Mullins Games
Copyright Copyright 2021 Daniel Mullins Games Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


This is quite unlike most of other video games. I hesitate to explain its features.

This video game belongs to the card game genre, but the setting, mood, the skillful metafiction leads to unexpected results.
It is no doubt this is the one and only video game, and it is quite interesting.
This game won the award, receiving supports from many judges.

How lucky you are if you learn this video game!
We recommend you should play without any details and any prior information.

Work Introdution

“Inscryption” invites you to a dark journey mixing a rogue like deck-building and escape game-style puzzle and psychological horrors with blood.

Cards, however, have far darker secrets...



Comment of the game producer

Hi there. My name is Daniel, and I’m the creator of Inscryption.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the award, it really means a lot to be recognized by my peers in the game industry in Japan.

I wanted to give an extra special thanks to Kakehashi Games for the excellent Japanese localization, and for bringing the game to Japan.

And yeah, thank you so much for the award it means a lot. Have a great one.