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Grand Award / Award for excellenceMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

General Description



Title Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Release 2022/6/30
Price 4,990yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo Switch / Steam / PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Xbox Series X|S / XboxOne / PC
Distributor CAPCOM CO.,LTD.
Publisher CAPCOM CO.,LTD.
Developer CAPCOM CO.,LTD.
Copyright ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2021, 2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


“Monster Hunter Rise” that gained enormous popularity owing to three-dimensional action using Kakerimushi has greatly evolved with an extra-large expansion pack.

Unique monsters exclusive to the series appear one after another, a lot of weapons to fight against them and many new techniques allowing for use of original action.

For the pleasure of “hunting” enhanced each time of update, the game gained enthusiastic support from many users in the popular vote. For that reason, the game won Grand Award.

Work Introdution

Let’s go on a new land of hunting.

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” is an extra-large expansion content to provide deeper enjoyment expanding the world of “Monster Hunter Rise”.

In and around “Elgad”, an observation base to investigate abnormality in monsters, new monsters called “Oiki Sanko (Royal Sanko Monster)” that are the greatest threat in the kingdom, and subspecific monsters and monsters revived from the series appear one after another. Even monsters that appeared in “Monster Hunter Rise” will show you different appeal in master-rank quests that exceed high-rank quests.

New “Tecchushigi (Iron Thread Technique)” is added to all 14 weapons to enhance individuality of hunters’ weapon. Furthermore, it is now possible to construct original action using new elements “Hayagae (Switch Skill Swap)” which enables to change the switch skill set during hunting and “Sakigake (Swap Evade)”. Sunbreak enables you to experience further advanced hunting action.



Comment of the game producer

It’s a great honor to receive a glorious award.

Our team joined to develop the extra-large expansion content of “Monster Hunter Rise” to provide greater surprise and novelty including

・new story starting from a new base,
・new field extending in a foreign land,
・monsters to newly confront, and
・action of evolved 14 weapons.

We also offered charge-free update to the title that continued for as long as a year to provide attractive service.

We were almost daunted at times by difficulties but now, winning the prize, we feel that our labor of those days is rewarded.

We thank you very much fans who supported this game, people in the news media, and those who played the game all over the world.

We will continue to make effort to provide better game experience developing games without compromise.

We ask you for your continued support for the “Monster Hunter” series.

All the staff of “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” development team