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Honorable MentionLet's Parry

General Description

Title Let's Parry
Platform PC
School ECC College of Computer & Multimedia
Winner's name Parry Knight


The theme of this year is quite high in the degree of freedom and games that are “particular” about various features were submitted for the awards. Among them, I felt this game is especially particular about “operability and exhilaration”.

While the basic format is similar to that of so-called 2D shooting games, the rule of this game is not to “shoot evading enemy bullets” but to “capture bullets around own machine and hit back (parry) them”. Therefore, different from ordinary shooting games, it is important to “actively approach places where enemy bullets gather”. While there are some existing games with similar characteristic, this game is characterized in that it is specialized in “parry”.

Furthermore, I felt that this game focuses on “how to have users enjoy playing the game comfortably” more than on toughness as a game in that the bullets coming into the parry range slow down, collecting and discharging bullets causes automatic homing to defeat the enemy, quick evasion is possible by a dash move, and so on.

On the other hand, I also felt that it would be better if there is a little bit more variation of stages and difficulty levels, and some more types of game story. I think that “particularity about exhilaration” and “particularity about the design” are certainly reflected in it even though it is a simple game.

Congratulations on winning the award! I hope you continue to create games that give exhilaration to players.

Akira Chigira, KADOKAWA Game Linkage Inc.

Work Introduction

This is a shooting game to clear annihilating enemies operating own machine.

However, the player cannot shoot bullets from himself/herself.

He/she uses so-called “parry” instead as the only attacking means to catch enemy bullets by a small margin and hit them back.

The game is particular about that “both beginners and advanced players can experience exhilaration of parry”.

Collect enemy bullets with the barrier surrounding own machine and counterattack by parry at a good timing.

As attack of the opponent slows down while you are using the barrier, parry that is in theory an advanced technique can be performed easily.

Since you cannot attack the enemy without using enemy bullet, as a matter of course, you have to collect bullets sometimes approaching enemies making the first step or utilizing bullets drifted by winds or even water droplets splashed from the water surface, which make the game really worth doing as a shooting game.

The game is full of exhilaration when annihilated the enemy characters that have inorganic and dangerous atmosphere vividly parring the curtain of fire formed by the enemy.