Awarded gamesAmateur Division

Honorable MentionProcyon

General Description

Title Procyon
Platform PC
School HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design
Winner's name Haru urara


A protagonist can do only simple actions: “Grip” and “Throw.”

Both of the actions, however, give the “Feel of Gripping by Hand” and “Feel of Throwing in Full Strength.” This is wonderful.

Especially, the trigger of “Grip” is set, and the grip of controller is linked with the “feel” of gripping something by the protagonist in the game. This link was well dropped into the theme of “feel.”

The action of grip is related with not only simple actions of gripping, throwing, and falling enemies but also many gimmicks. I feel this deepens the game.

In the wind gimmick, a player must grasp the ivy along the way not to be blown off.
The thought beyond a carriage is installed in a gimmick that grasps and carries weights. This shows the will of the creators, who determined that the game “will not end in a simple one.”

Another gimmick uses gravity. In general, as there are many different contrivances, the game is so attractive that it will not bore a player.
I am strongly looking forward to more games by the game winners.

Noriyasu Suzuki, KADOKAWA Game Linkage Inc.

Work Introdution

A 2D action game, where the protagonist “Cappy,” who has made a crash landing on a mysterious planet, explores the planet, and collects parts of a spaceship for escape.

This game pays attention to the action of grasping to meet the theme of “feel.”

The operator controls “Cappy,” grasp anything to throw, pull, and carry and moves on the stage.
Cappy throws a rock, destroys a wall, and defeat enemies.
Moreover, he throws and destroys a pot, gets an item, grasps a key, puts it in a lock, and moves to another stage.
In some stages, there are gimmicks: thrown things are blown off by the strong wind or is magnetically attracted.
The key to conquer the game is to determine what timing, what to grasp, and what action to be taken.

This is a highly strategic game that combines several actions with gimmicks using the “grasp” as a starting point.