Awarded gamesAmateur Division

Honorable MentionDragKnockFight

General Description

Title DragKnockFight
Platform PC
School Nihon Kogakuin College Kamata Campus
Winner's name DAN5


Congratulation for the award!

I rate this game highly because the game expresses the pleasant “feel” of continuously destroying many blocks by controlling left and right analog sticks though the game operation and the rule are new.

The stage design varies the pace and enhances playfulness. Some stages can be destroyed at once by a bold control of the “Super Crash” and others must be destroyed with polite controls.

Graphics are united in striking colors and the world view, which is conscious of pixels. They match the game’s contents of destroying blocks and contribute to the improvement of sense of unity and attraction of the entire game.

I strongly feel the development team paid an attention to screen vibrations, SE, and effects at the time of block destruction to convey the “feel” and had a strong power to raise the quality throughout the game. That is why I rate this game highly.


Work Introdution

An action game of continuous destruction of numerous blocks and aiming at high scores.

This game expresses the coziness and the exhilaration of “feel.”

A player controls both pivot points and weights with left and right analog sticks, swings a weight, hits and destroys a block.
The distance between a pivot point and a weight always keeps on getting closer. When they are too close, an explosion occurs and the round is over.
The key to get high scores is to use a springing block, which jumps like a spring, an undestroyable block, etc., and to control the distance between a pivot point and a weight.

Some stages that can be destroyed at once by a bold control and various stages requiring polite and careful controls are prepared.
Moreover, this game splendidly recreates the “feel” of block destruction with screen vibration, sounds, etc.