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Honorable MentionThunder Roar

General Description

Title Thunder Roar
Platform PC
School HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design
Winner's name BAMBoooooooooooooooN


Congratulation for the award!

Every competition entity has a different interpretation on the theme of “feel,” and I respectively enjoyed it. This is one of the games paying much attention to the feel of “speed.”
A player controls the character along the rail and obliterate enemies. The sense of speed like a bullet is so pleasant that I enjoyed the exhilaration that makes me feel like running in a place where there is no enemy.
There are two types of attacks: the dash attack on enemies on the rail, and the rotation attack on enemies around the rail. A player must use the two types of attacks properly, after instantaneously judging their positions. There is the “Element of the Emphasis on Tempo,” which strengthens attacks by repeating the next one as soon as an attack reaches the panel. Once a player understands routes and the enemy placement, he/she can pleasantly control Alice, and the sense of play unique to this game is created.

Meanwhile, a player needs to stop and look all around several times until he/she understand the entire routes. Accordingly, the sense of speed is lost. This is a great pity. If there is a little more twists that enable a player to understand routes in a degree, a player can enjoy the exhilaration more easily from the beginning.
As a whole, this game fully shows commitment towards not only playability but also feels of the game such as graphics, effects, and SE. Please keep on developing games seeking after exhilaration in the future.
I wish all those concerned with the development the best of luck with everything!

Akira Chigira, KADOKAWA Game Linkage Inc.

Work Introdution

A high-speed action game where a player controls the protagonist “Loa,” who is called the Megalopolis Thunder in the near-futuristic city.

The game was developed with a concept of “feel” of becoming a thunder and pleasantly penetrating enemies.

A player runs freely on rails all around the town, rams and obliterates enemies.
“Loa” can conduct two types of attacks: dash and rotation attacks.
The key to conquer the game is to identify where on rails enemies are placed and to use two attacks with distinctive features properly.

If a player understands the enemy placement and the shortest route, the moving speed and the power of attack are increased, and a player has a chance to get high scores.

The game splendidly expresses a sense of speed like a bullet and exhilaration and the concept and the world view in everything from graphics and effects to SE.