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Honorable MentionGavary Travelogue

General Description

Title Gavary Travelogue
Platform PC
School Nippon Engineering College
Winner's name 3CLUB


Congratulations on winning the award!

I got warm feeling playing the game; it was as if I was walking in a world of a picture book.

Its level design was interesting.

The player explores the map combining gimmicks which are activated according to the body size of the main character.

Once I understood that I should implement the cycle of hypothesis, experiment and proof on the basis of the question thought, “perhaps I can do this in this way”, it was very pleasant to have a feeling of adventure to search for an answer by myself using the map environment.

It was especially nice to float on the wind from below becoming small.

On the other hand, there were also opinions that they didn’t understand what to do.

While I think it is also an amusement of this game to look for what to do, it was the cause for some persons to have stopped playing the game.

It might have been more understandable if only one lead line is provided and increased play step by step as well as providing a tutorial for each button.

Generally speaking, the graphics, effects and SE are considered in connection with the game design and I felt the level design is especially excellent.

It is really enjoyable as an action puzzle game requiring intelligence despite its heartwarming appearance.

I pray for all development staff’s even greater success.

Hiroshi Horai, DeNA Co., Ltd.

Work Introduction

This is a mystery solving action puzzle game to go for the goal collecting budges travelling a mysterious world where your body size changes.

This is a game particular about “representation of the world that changes according to the size of the character and creation of experiences”.

While the body size of the character becomes smaller when you step on specific floors, the point is that the size does not switch just between large and small but becomes “gradually” smaller.

When the body size gets smaller, you become not only able to pass through narrow places but also to see footholds that have not been visible as well as ascending to high places utilizing up-current of air.

There are also footholds which cannot be used if your body is too small and you are sometimes required to become larger.

To determine appropriate size according to the situation and finely adjust the body size is the key to win the game.

While this is game is based on the world view like a picture book where lovely characters are acting, it is a highly strategic game requiring high intelligence to complete it.