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Award for excellencePanicQ

General Description

Title PanicQ
Platform PC
School HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design
Winner's name PicaSoft


It is too cute. This is the only word to describe it.

The action of the main character cat when he/she “sniggers” with joy after successfully surprising the wolf is super cute.

I am also impressed favorably by the simple rule to surprise to lead the wolf and set off a firecracker.

Even a little child could enjoy the game since there is no time limit.

The sense of accomplishment was great when I succeeded to trap the wolf by setting traps so as to connect combos with a single-stroke drawing style as much as possible. Vibration and SE effects are all created comfortably. Regarding these elements, I consider this game is the best among those that reached the final selection stage.

In addition, it is a very important technique to connect combos that the player can additionally set a trap going ahead not just watching after setting a trap. I feel particularity of the creator thereabout. I have a foreboding that the game will be more amusing if the number of kinds of the traps and stage gimmicks are increased.

It is also a hidden point of appreciation that the signboard of tutorial and operation description is always displayed on the screen. While a single picture is normally used, if it is display on the playable in game screen, we can try what is described there at once without spoiling the game tempo.

The game performance, visual, UI and sound are all high in quality; I felt that the game is high in total performance and accomplishment. Congratulations for winning the Award for Excellence!

Daisuke Taka, Square Enix, Inc.

Work Introduction

This is a puzzle action game where a coward cat tries to make a counterattack accepting a challenge from the wolf who has always been bullying the cat.

The game is particular about “how the reaction of the wolf is felt when he is surprised and panicked”.

The player approaches the wolf and surprise him using items on the stage and gimmicks such as crackers to increase the gauge on the left side of the screen.

When you drive the wolf into a corner to fully increase the gage and finally surprise the wolf, the stage is cleared.

The point of the game is to get a high score by a combo connecting many gimmicks.

The exhilaration is exquisite when succeeded to connect a combo with a single-stroke drawing style by sometimes arranging gimmicks by myself anticipating moving route of the wolf hiding myself away from the wolf.

The player can directly feel how much the wolf is surprised with the sound effect and vibration of the controller.

This is a highly complete game enjoyable even for those who are not good at game or beginners owing to its familiar world view using the Halloween night as a motif and elimination of clear time limit.