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Award for excellenceFollow You

General Description

Title Follow You
Platform PC
School HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design
Winner's name Svea


This reminds the Showa generation of happy memories of old games!!
I remembered a box where I hit a 10-yen coin, aiming at a goal.
There were always such boxes in mom-and-pop candy stores and on roof floors of department stores.
I remember I could get sweets or something if I managed to reach a goal...

I am sorry I have changed the subject again.

How to move my character, which cannot move!? I feel the sense of rolling over, destroying something, and rotating. The feeling was so good that I really enjoyed the game.
When I checked and played the game, my child worried me out, saying “I want to play! I really want it!!”
Like the old LocoLoco, this game may be suitable for a tilted or handheld console.
In addition, if there is something like a pinball game, players can enjoy actions and shooting.

In the side-scrolling action, it is difficult to combine “Maintaining Exhilaration” and “Devise How to Play.” This is well thought out and that the level design is good.

I hope the creators will engage in the video game creation, utilizing the experience and knowledge gained in this game development. Congratulation for the Award for Excellence!

If grapple is stronger/weaker like analog sticks, the power and the direction of a ball can be controlled, and the direction can be changed.
Both grownups and children will enjoy the game... The only problem is a player must repeat same actions... This cannot be helped, but I guess something is required to encourage a player to complete the video game.

There is no problem in the essential way to make players enjoy the game.

I think this creation method nicely fits the theme of “feel.”

Come to think of it, it may be interesting if you see old pinball games in PC engine (Alien Crush and Devil's Crush).

They tried everything to introduce playability to a simple pinball... The games were created 20 - 30 years ago...!?

Tomokazu Fukazawa, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Work Introdution

An action game, where a player controls the protagonist “Maruneko,” who is looking for memories, aiming for the goal.

This game directly reflects strong/weak stick grapples in gimmick movements and expresses the theme “feel” itself.

It is not “Maruneko” itself but gimmicks that a player controls.
He/she pushes, rolls and snaps “Maruneko” by gimmicks, heading for the goal.
The key to conquer the game is how a player can make correct and speedy controls to match actions of “Maruneko.”

A player responds to various gimmicks by controlling L and R two sticks.
Depending on a gimmick, stick controls directly influence on gimmick movement. For example, the power changes according to the control strength.

The game is full of exhilaration and senses of achievement when a player overcomes awaiting difficulties just with strong/weak stick controls.