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Award for excellenceZiParate

General Description

Title ZiParate
Platform PC
School HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design
Winner's name O.Depressa


Congratulation for the Award for Excellence!

In this award judgment, I focused on the following two points:
1. If creators were faced with the theme of “feel” and what unique ideas they generated; and
2. How they gave shape to them, put them together, and sublimated them.

I was impressed with a fact that “ZiParate” succeeded in dropping the theme of “zip” into a game and used it as a device, which turned the game system inside out.
I felt it was good to open and close a zip. The feel was well expressed.

A player must not only get jewels but also complete the inside-outside element. This game design gives the depth and the strategy to the gameplay.
In addition, this enhances action characteristics. The game stirs emotions more because a payer was excited, wondering if he/she can play the game well while working out a plan to complete the game.

Non-system elements (world view, art, UI, sound, etc.) enhance charms of the game and contribute to the introduction and continuity of a little more difficult in-game.

In general, this game is very cohesive and wonderful. The idea is great and the team has a total power.

Yoshinari Mizushima, DeNA Co., Ltd.

Work Introdution

An action puzzle game where a player efficiently collects jewels on the stage in the world like ancient ruins.

The game pays attention to the “feel” in opening and closing a zipper.

A player controls the protagonist, guide “Tsukaimushi,” which freely wanders back and forth, and collects red and blue jewels.

Open and close zippers scattered on the stage so that “Tsukaimushi” can wander back and forth to ins and outs worlds, and open zippers a little to control the movement of “Tsukaimushi.” The key to conquer the game is what timing and how a player moves zippers.
Furthermore, various actions are expressed by opening/closing zippers. For example, they can be used for the protagonist to move.

The creators were committed to everywhere including unique idea, a high level of strategy, and using recorded live music throughout the game.