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Award for excellenceClinky the gear

General Description

Title Clinky the gear
Platform PC
School HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design
Winner's name TNew★Generations!!


This is one of games that prevented me from making a decision in choosing the Grand Award until the very last minute.
I myself wanted to give the Grand Award. Naturally, I could not decide at my own discretion. It is a deep regret...
This game was selected for the Award for Excellence by a narrow margin, but to me, it is the "Grand Award!"

In my opinion, the level of this game is almost as high as the commercial level.
The good feel of gear rotations and how to play logically to connect the rotations.
It is highly likely that this game can be commercialized if some more nostalgic mood and other playful elements.
A gear is engaged with another with “ticktock” sound. Both adults and children are very fond of the good feel of sounds and SE like an old music player with an apple mark, which enables a player to move big gears by using small gears, aren’t they?
Especially, the radio control system generation used to easily move cars with the combination of servo and gear. Nowadays, they assemble a robot by themselves, don’t they?

Robots move with gears, too.
Then, Gear Gachan can move robots if it evolves!? Maybe!!
I heard in the past Amateur Division, many games used “gear systems.” As far as I played this game without prejudice and “to see with unclouded eyes,” I myself felt this was excellent indeed.

By the way, I don’t like puzzle games.
In the past, I refused to create any puzzle game: SFC, PC engine, Genesis, PS, SS...and so many others. I believe in I will not create anything I cannot enjoy!... (Sometimes, I cannot keep this belief, though)

Such a person enjoys this game... Then, I guess anybody can casually enjoy it!!

The creators are not old like me but have new senses and ideas. It will be a great pleasure if they rack their brains to discover unprecedented playing methods and bear the next generation.

Tomokazu Fukazawa, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Work Introdution

An action game, controlling gears at a mysterious antique shop to get 6 treasure boxes.

This game expresses the metallic “feel” of a gear when it is engaged with another.

A player controls the protagonist, get all energy gears appearing on the stage, and head for the goal.

This game requires a high level of strategy. Though actions are simple: lateral motions, jumps, and rotations with other gears engaged, it is a key to determine which gear, what order, and what angle should be used to stop before moving to the next gear in order to conquer the game.
A player can enjoy exceptional exhalation feeling when he/she controls gears on the stage and find a route to the goal.

This game is full of great senses, expressing the retro subject of gears, the world view with antique feeling, and good feel when gears are connected with slamming sound.