Awards Guideline and Selection Criteria

Eligible Game

All non-professionally produced works, regardless of their applicant's status (juridical entity, organization, or individual), are eligible for the awards.

Products that are winners or current or past entrants of other contests (except the previous Japan Game Awards "Amateur Division") are also eligible for entry as well as fully completed products.

However, products also entered in other contests which ban multiple contest entries will be ruled invalid (including products whose copyright has been transferred to the organizers of other contests).

Product Requirements

  1. All computer entertainment games are eligible, including those operable on consumer-oriented home video game consoles (stationary or portable-type) or personal computers, regardless of platform type.
  2. Games must comply with CESA ethics codes.
  3. Products must be at a playable stage of development.
  4. All rights related to any game for entry must belong to the applicant. Owners of any product which includes a third party's work, portrait, trademark or any other item which can be regarded as the property of a third party must have first received legitimate permission for any such item's usage.

Applicant Qualification

No restrictions are imposed on the age, gender, nationality or status (corporate or organization) with the exception that all applicants must be current residents of Japan. Any number of products can be accepted for entry.

Applicant Period

Monday, March 11 - Sunday, June 30, 2013 Application must arrive during the above period.

Applicant Produce



◎Grand Award (1 title) Award money: 500,000 yen
◎Award for Excellence (number unspecified) Award money: 50,000 yen
◎Honorable Mention (number unspecified) Shields

Awards Selection Procedure

Several products will be nominated by the judges from the total field of entries during a first-stage (VTR review) and a second-stage (trial play) evaluation session. Following this, a final judging session will be held to determine the finalists of the "Grand Award"(1 title), "Award for Excellence"(number unspecified) and "Honorable Mention"(number unspecified).
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
Games of the Year Division
Game Designers Award
Future Division
Amateur Division