Amateur Division 応募要項

Application Period

Monday, March 11, 2013 - Sunday, June 30, 2013 Application must arrive in above period.

Applicant Qualification

No restrictions are imposed on the age, gender, nationality or status (corporate or organization) with the exception that all applicants must be current residents of Japan. Any number of products can be accepted for entry.
※Professional game creator can apply for game that created when you were still amateur.
※Anyone who receive reward for game production regardless of working for company, department as contracted or 
   freelance or other kind of employment contract will be considered as professional game creator.

Eligible Game

All non-professionally produced works, regardless of their applicant's status (corporate, organization or individual), are eligible for the awards.
Products that are winners or current or past entrants of other contests (except the previous Japan Game Awards Amateur Division) are also eligible for entry as well as fully completed products.
However, products also entered in other contests which ban multiple contest entries will be ruled invalid (including products whose copyright has been transferred to the organizers of other contests).

Product Requirements

  1. All computer entertainment games are eligible, including those operable on consumer-oriented home videogame systems (stationary or portable-type) or personal computers, regardless of platform type.
    ※For mobile game, game which is playable from the first time of download, or requires continuous download data-packets during game-play is eligible. This is not required but for game which will download packet during play, the quantity of packet transfer should be between 4 to 10 packets(1packet = 128bytes)as standard. (Exclude the first time download playing game)

    《Packet transfer requirements》
    ■Game size must be less than 0.5MB.
    ■The server to connect during playing game just stores data.
  2. Games must comply with CESA ethics codes.
  3. Products must be at a playable stage of development.
  4. All rights related to any game for entry must belong to the applicant. Owners of any product which includes a third party's work, portrait, trademark or any other item which can be regarded as the property of a third party must have first received legitimate agreement of any such item's usage.

Product Entry Cnditions

Applications require compliance with the following nine items. Failure to provide written agreement to the following terms (by failing to either sign or provide one's personal seal on 'Form 4: Applicant's Agreement') will render an application invalid.
  1. Although no restrictions are imposed upon a given game's platform type, the use of any development tools employed in the game's creation must only have been made after the conclusion of an appropriate lease agreement (for such tools) between the platform manufacturer and the applicant or applying organization/company.
  2. Products for entry must not violate copyrights, or defame or infringe the rights of any third party. Any products failing to do so will not be accepted. All rights related to any game for entry must belong to the applicant. Owners of any product which includes a third party's work, portrait, trademark or any other item which can be regarded as the property of a third party must have first received legitimate agreement of any such item's usage. Products accepted for entry are limited to those which the entrant holds full exclusive rights to, including intellectual property rights.
  3. Please understand that media (including CD, DVD and MO) on which products for entry are provided to CESA, as well as any other attached materials, will become the property of CESA and will not be returned in any circumstances. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the safekeeping of master files for any products submitted for entry. Any charges incurred in the forwarding of products to CESA, including postage or delivery, will be born by the applicant.
  4. Award winners may be required to provide extra information about themselves and their products, and also to lend their products as well as (if possible) materials used in the product's development, depending on the needs of the awards ceremony, requests by manufacturing developers, or other reasons.
  5. Applicants are required to allow CESA and its authorized third parties uncharged and indefinite use of all entered products and printed publication of product images (including screen-shots) for the purposes of non-profit-making audience game trials, exhibitions, and public-relations activities for the "Japan Game Awards".
  6. No response will be given to inquiries about the selection of nominated or award-winning products. Applicants of nominated or award-winning products will be informed directly of their entry's successful selection.
  7. CESA will relay any inquiries by third parties including manufacturing developers regarding potential commercialization of given products directly to the products' owners. Owners will then be required to respond to the third party's inquiry independently. CESA and its authorized parties will offer no assistance in the potential commercialization of any product.
  8. All of the above mentioned items and all other items relevant to this event comply with Japanese law. Any related legal matters initially fall under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Applicant Produce

Please send the following materials (1 through 4) by post or courier service.
  1. Two separate copies of the product data (one serving as a spare), each on a separate piece of media.
  2. One video containing footage of the product being played (an approx. 5-min demonstration on VHS cassette or DVD) or CD, DVD of movie which can be played with Windows Media Player

    ※Please include your game title name, creator name (Group name) on the media.
  3. Controller (Optional)
    If there is controller which is neccessary to play the game, please send it to us too We will keep the controller from the day you send it to the day of selection finished (arround the beginning of August).
  4. Completed application forms 1 through 4
    Form 1: Product Information
    Form 2: Product Introduction
    Form 3: Product Operation Procedure
    Form 4: Applicant's Agreement

Mailing Address

"Japan Game Awards"Amateur Division
6F Office22 Bldg. 22 Tomiyama-cho,Kanda,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0043

Awards Selection Procedure

Several products will be nominated by the judges from the total field of entries during a first-stage evaluation session (early August). Following this, a final judging session will be held (mid-August) to determine the winner of the "Grand Award", "Award for Excellence" and "Honorable Mention"


◎ Grand Award (1 title) Trophy and Award money: 500,000 yen
◎ Award for Excellence (number unspecified) Trophy and Award money: 50,000 yen
◎ Honorable Mention (number unspecified) Trophy

※The awards ceremony is scheduled to be held at the event stage of the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012 on Saturday,
September 21, 2013.
※You can try playing the award-winning game at "Japan Game Award" 's booth inside of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2013.
For the preparation of testing booth and award ceremony, please kindly understand that we may need your 
cooperation to know all about the game, creator, lending software or also the machine parts.

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