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Award for excellenceBUDDY MISSION BOND

General Description

Release 2021/01/29
Price 7,128yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo Switch
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Copyright ©2021 Nintendo / KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.


Buddy Mission: Bond takes place on “Mikagura Island,” the center of a worldwide show business industry. A police officer, a phantom thief, a ninja, and a swindler form a team. The game is a completely new adventure where the team “BOND,” which is formed by four unconventional characters, confronts an unseen criminal organization.

A player selects the two most suitable characters based on the mission content and the characteristic features of the four characters and forms a buddy team to stop the conspiracy through repeated “investigation" and "infiltration.”

Not only the main story but also new episodes, which are revealed after the completion of missions, stories that depict the bonds between characters, and the past of unique characters that hold the key to the story are intricately intertwined. The story was taken up in an unexpected way. Many female fans were attracted with the rich stories and supported the game. That is why the game won the award.

Work Introdution

Close in on the truth with your partner.

A “Buddy Mission BOND” is an adventure game with character designs by Yusuke Murata, whose most famous works include “Eyeshield 21” and “One-Punch Man,” and voice performances by talented voice actors that allow you to experience the passionate friendship story of the characters as if you were reading a digital comic.

A police officer, a phantom thief, a ninja, and a swindler – these four people from different walks of life and different positions, form a team to chase a mysterious organization. They help each other as reliable partners and sometimes clash with each other as they confront the mystery of the hero's father's death and a great conspiracy that shakes the world.

A player selects 2 out of 4 members. Switching buddies several times, he/she can anticipate the appropriate members, gather information, and go undercover to the place where the mystery awaits him/her.

This game is so easy to operate that anyone can easily pick it up. We designed the game in such a way that even those who are playing the game for the first time on the Switch, or those who are returning to gaming after a long absence, can clear the game.

Repeating investigation and infiltration, please watch the passionate drama to the end with Luke, the main character of this game.

Comment of the game producer

I was really surprised when I heard that “Buddy Mission BOND” won the Excellence Award. This is because players greatly, warmly supported this game. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them,

This is the first time for Nintendo and Ruby Party Brand of Koei Tecmo Games to work together as “buddies” in the game development. At first, we often had to humble our ways. From the moment we decided to dig into the theme of “buddies” and aim for the best game experience possible, the development team was consistently highly enthusiastic.

What kind of buddy relationship would be very romantic? We want to develop a product that makes players feel energized and encouraged. How could we find a way to sway the emotions of the players?

We put forth all their efforts with the utmost enthusiasm. I would be very happy if such efforts led to this award.

I would also like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Murata and all the others involved.
Thank you so much.