Awarded gamesAmateur Division

Honorable MentionReverseRoom

General Description

Title Reverse Room
Platform PC
Winner's name Syunya Suzuki


Congratulation for the award.

This game was evaluated for two things: the conceptual ability of the game rules, which aim to clear the stage by flipping it over, and the "sense of subtraction" in not adding more elements than necessary.

I think the game rules handle the theme well. It's fun to look at the stage from various directions and think about how to handle it, and I think it's well-designed to give a player a sense of satisfaction and joy when he/she clears the stage.

I think the game would be much better if the controls and character movements could be brushed up a little bit.

And what I appreciate most about this game is the "awareness of subtraction."

In order to maximize the focus on the rules for flipping the stage over, the developer didn't add more elements than necessary. I felt the developer was unpretentious, and a kind of reserved.

If they want, they could have made the characters and the stage look more colorful.

However, I felt that the overall impression of the work was improved because they dared not to do it.

When we create a game, we cannot help but add this and that element, and tend to forget what the core of the game is. But the developer of this game could complete their development without waving.

Also, I personally like the sense of sound.

I hope the developer will not be satisfied with this award, but continue to create games and challenge new things in the future.

I wish the award winners' continued success and further development in the future.

Masao Shirosaki, Sega Corporation

Work Introdution

Developers focused on “front and rear” and the “flip” of the theme “Möbius Strip.” In this puzzle action game, a player flips stages with front and rear and operates a hero to get keys and reach the goal.

The player flips stages around, sometimes dropping keys surrounded by obstacles, other times dropping them on high places to get. Moreover, the key strategy is to read the differences between front and rear and flip them to secure a foothold for the main character to jump.

The game design is simple, with monotone graphics and rules such as “front and rear” and “flip.” This, however, is a highly strategic game that requires a player to look at the stage from various directions, both horizontally and vertically.