Awarded gamesAmateur Division

Honorable MentionTsukikage

General Description

Title Tsukikage
Platform PC
School HAL Tokyo
Winner's name FM Toksin Lab.


This game has wonderfully original game rules and level designs to make the rules understandable and enjoyable.

The idea is to incorporate "loop and repetition" from the theme of the Möbius Strip into the game rules, and to attack it like a one-stroke puzzle by moving well so as not to bump into ourselves in the past. There were three-dimensional exchanges of the board plus time occurring between the game and the player. Möbius Strip was certainly in the middle of the game, not just a single gimmick or direction.

Naturally, this rule is not something that can be found in any existing game genre or something that is universal in reality. In my opinion, they had to communicate the rules from scratch to users and make sure they had a brain that could play this game.

Then, they approached with careful level designs, which makes this game so good. This is my impression.

There were tutorials, of course, but there were also stages that not only made us use our head by using the rules, but also effectively introduced the pleasant feeling that the mechanism fits well by guiding us to come here, which introduces the pleasant feeling that the mechanism goes well. A stage came into the play effectively, keeping the player feel good.

It was also great that the shadow was a key word. The character was a rabbit because it moves friskily just as a rabbit does one by one square at a time. This setting works as an initial grasp of understanding and made a beautiful first impression. These will be a safe place to start.

Ryuta Matsushita, Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

Work Introdution

In this puzzle game, a player operates “Ruse,” who stepped into a mysterious labyrinth where time loops over and over again.

Each time the player clears a stage, the number of "ghosts" that mimic his/her past movements increases, and the difficulty increases. Furthermore, if the player touches the red line in front of the ghost, a time paradox occurs and he/she has to start over again.

The key to clear the game is to predict the vision of ghosts that recreate the movements of the player himself/herself and the movements of "Crawlers" that hold the key to opening the gates, and how efficiently the player can control "Ruse" within the limited number of turns.

The developer interprets “Möbius Strip” as a “loop and repetition.” In the game, a player is forced to play a same stage over and over again, and his past movement appears as an enemy. This game is full of originality, incorporating the Möbius Strip theme into the game rule.