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Award for excellenceLUMINO La ruta naturaL

General Description

Title LUMINO La ruta naturaL
Platform PC
School HAL Nagoya
Winner's name TablePunch


What really surprised me when I played this game was the “high theme reflection” and the “high level of completion.”

First of all, I think this year’s theme “Möbius Strip” was difficult to digest in a straightforward manner.

However, this game successfully incorporates the elements of “twist” and “connection,” and also uses effects suitable for the Möbius Strip in its graphics.

The theme is conveyed intuitively even to first-time players. I felt that this was the result of a sincere effort to face the theme.

Furthermore, the level of completion is wonderful.

Gentle and beautiful graphics that match the goal of rescuing lost spirits. A high degree of freedom in dividing the space into squares to warp the main character.

In addition, everything from the operational feeling to the music is so well put together that I don’t think it strange to release this game as a commercial game.

On the other hand, there is the aspect of being “too cohesive.” If possible, it would be better to have a little more sharpness in the game's elements and feel.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this work is of outstanding quality among all the entries.

Congratulation for Award for Excellence. I hope the developers will use this award as a steppingstone to continue making other wonderful games!

Akira Chigira, KADOKAWA Game Linkage

Work Introdution

A puzzle action game where a player operates hero “Lumino,” who has mysterious power to save lost spirits in 5 worlds.

This game incorporates this year’s theme of the “Möbius Strip” itself as a gimmick and make the use of its features: “twist” and “connection.”

A player makes full use of Lumion’s specialized ability “Möbius Loop” and freely move the space to rescue spirits that are in separate places: above, below, left and right. To rescue spirits in the air, on the ceiling, or in other places that are normally unreachable, the key to this game winning strategy is to use the “Möbius Loop” to move from one place to another.

This game is full of taste: gentle and beautiful graphics that match the goal of rescuing lost spirits; and each stage has its own theme and expression, which I can feel dedication of developers.