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Award for excellenceShiroChroConnect

General Description

Title ShiroChroConnect
Platform PC
School HAL Osaka
Winner's name Listing Bottle


When the theme is “Möbius Strip,” many games are completed as a puzzle game. I thought, however, this game is an ambitious action as its main focus.

As the gimmick of using “black and white = front and rear,” which is based on the theme of “Möbius Strip” and the game is immediately understandable and seamlessly executed, the elements do not interfere with the main action, and allows a player to play at a good pace without feeling stressed.

The gimmick itself is very complete, too, and by going back and forth between the black and white joints, the foothold you can get on changes. The player can also decide not to change the foothold by jumping over the joint.

In addition, some footholds can be flipped with the tongue, and the player can pass the foothold by changing it while doing actions. In general, I felt that the balance between “thinking” and “action” is excellent.

The game could have won the Grand Prize, but the visuals were not very sufficient, and the world view was insufficient, which was a great pity.

However, it was the title that I played for the longest time in this screening, and it was the most interesting game. Personally, this was the best game.

Finally, congratulation for the Award for Excellence! I do wish for their future success in the future. Until the day we can meet again.

Hidehumi Komino, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Work Introdution

This is a 2D action game where a player operates the main character, Rabbit, and moves back and forth between the black and white dimensions, aiming for the goal.

Möbius Strip theme has characteristics of the “front and rear flip.” The game digs into such characteristics and pays attention to the “color change at joints when the surface is traced.”

The white rabbit can only touch white blocks and cannot touch black blocks. However, if you walk across the black and white border, you can invert the color of the rabbit. As required, you can use a long frog-like tongue to move blocks around and flip white and black in order to change a rabbit’s color. This change and how well you can change white and black boarders are keys to clear a stage.

This is a game full of originality, with a mysterious black-and-white world view and plenty of action elements.