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Award for excellenceOrihime

General Description

Title Orihime
Platform PC
School HAL Tokyo
Winner's name Comoheri -Common Heritage-


Congratulation for winning an Award for Excellence.

The idea of using a piece of paper as a stage and "folding and connecting the stage itself to reach the goal" is innovative and directly connected to the fun of the puzzle game. We gave it high marks for its gameplay style.

The stage design is excellent. From the shape of the stage at the start, you can vaguely guess "the shape you need to bend." This game succeeds in providing players with a sense of fun in thinking and a sense of accomplishment when they succeed and a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.

In terms of specifications, they paid great care to every detail to ensure that players can continue to play the game without any hassle. In addition, the stage gimmicks and other features have been incorporated into the design to make the game even more fun.  This is a good point.

The tactile sensation when folding the paper was pleasant, and the overall presentation was well-crafted. As a result, I could play with a high sense of immersion until the final stage.

This time, the game was developed for the PC, but I felt that it would be interesting to develop it as a smartphone application in the future, thinking of game contents and operability.

Makoto Kawamata, GREE Inc.

Work Introdution

A player operates heroine “Orihime.” A puzzle game where a player folds and connects origami stages to reach the goal, “Hikoboshi.”

Developers focused on the “front linked to the rear” of the theme “Möbius Strip.”

A player folds and connects papers on the stage and moves back and forth between front and rear. The player folds the papers on the stage and moves them back and forth between the front and the back, or to another folded paper, to reach the goal. Sometimes there are switches, which can be activated by hitting folded paper, and paper that cannot be folded, and a variety of gimmicks block the player's way. Some paper cannot be folded, and a variety of gimmicks block the player's path. And sometimes the player has to fold the same path two or three times. The key to success is not only to judge the situation, which is essential in puzzle games, but also to have a high level of inspiration.

How to fold paper to create a road to the goal? This game has a high level of strategy and offers exhilaration when the player can clear it.