Awarded gamesMinister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
goes to the Nintendo Switch Development Team

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award is given to individuals who have contributed to the development of the computer game industry and thus to the Nintendo Switch Development Team was selected for the award.

"Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone."

Nintendo Switch was launched as a new gaming device that responds to diversifying contemporary lifestyles. It became an unprecedented gaming device that can offer any gameplay style by combining the segment where everyone in the family plays on a home console and the segment where people have their own portable device.

The games Nintendo produces for this innovative console have an extremely high level of perfection and are far ahead of the competition, and the company continues to propose innovative gameplay. As a result, home game development has been booming and the device has also increased the momentum of developing new software from various directions.

With these hardware and software aspects, Nintendo Switch not only has strong support from domestic users, but the device is also becoming popular at a very fast speed overseas and is becoming a movement that significantly pushes the presence of home consoles all over the world once again.

The prize was awarded unanimously to the Nintendo Switch development team that produced a wonderful gaming device in recognition of their untiring attitude of pursuing the possibilities of games and their incredible achievements.

Objective of indroducing the METI Award

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) understands computer entertainment software as a cultural form and is holding this event since 1996 to celebrate the 22th anniversary this year for the purposes to vitalize and contribute to development of the computer entertainment software industry.

The Japan Game Awards have been selecting and awarding excellent videogame software in three categories of "Game of the Year Division", "Future Division" and "Amateur Division".

While the awards were formerly given only to videogame software, the "METI Award" was introduced last year which is to be awarded both to videogame software and persons/group of persons which and who are supporting the videogame industry to make the system "more open and meaningful award system".

Selection Criteria for the METI Award

The prize is awarded to those who have contributed to the development of the videogame industry through creation of excellent products or expanded the scope of the videogame industry using a new expression, technology, etc.Persons and group of persons are eligible to receive the award.

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