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Grand Award / Award for excellence

アマチュア部門 大賞 アマチュア部門 大賞

General Description

Title Splatoon
Release 2015/5/28
Price 6,156yen(tax included)
Platform Wii U
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Copyright ©2015 Nintendo

Reason for the Grand Award / Award for Excellence

Graphics with the simple and clear rule and world view in POP. In addition, funs of customization with various arms and gears bringing ability changes. Many fans beyond generations supported the game, which offers funs of “Turf War” where players splatter their ink around the arena in their own approaches such as active advance and hiding in ink to avoid enemy shots.

Work Introdution

Splatoon is an action shooting game. Players operate “Inkling.” a humanoid squid, and try to cover more ground using their ink than the enemy in “Turf War.” Turf War is playable by eight people through the Internet. Players from beginners to very advanced can enjoy their own ways such as active advancement and hiding in ink to avoid enemy shots.
In addition to continuous updates, which give additional equipment and stages, in-game events “Splafests” and real events are conducted.

Comment of the game producer

It is a great honor to receive a high evaluation like this. We feel deeply grateful to players who enjoy and support the game on regular basis. Splatoon adds game elements through continuous updates and held Splatoon the “Splatoon Koshien” (a nation-wide tournament for Splatoon in Japan) and “Shioka Live” with the help of DWANGO Co., Ltd. and real events like Sagakeen with the help of Saga Prefecture. The development team had a series of experiences we had never had before for one year after the release date.
With the Last Fes in July, we closed in-game events “Splatfest” and updates. Still, we keep on offering the online-service and plan to hold the “Second Splatoon Koshien” and other events to warm up Splatoon in the future.
In addition, we want to keep on nurture this new IP nurtured with players. Please keep on cheering us!

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