AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Honorable Mention

Amateur Division Honorable Mention

General Description

Title Honeycomb
Platform smartphone / tablet
School Nagoya Kougakuin College
Winner's name Hachinoko Project

Reason for the Honorable Mention

The touch is close to tower defense and real-time strategy.

It feels friendly since role sharing taking advantage of the characteristics of bees has been set, relief up to the boss fight is not much, but I could play modestly busy.

If well-modulated, enthusiasm and satisfaction will likely to be even higher.


Work Introdution

It's a work aiming at the goal by manipulating the swarm of bees which carry the nest in search of honey, while defeating enemies.

The operation carries nest "carrying bees", collect honey "bees", fight an enemy "battle bees."

Using honey collected as energy, players will nurture/enhance the three kinds of bees to proceed to defeat the enemy fire, further formidable enemy is ... on its back.

Using the void theory is an algorithm of the herd, it's the work really expressing a swarm of bees moving around.