AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Honorable Mention / Individual Award
Math Graphing Puzzle

Amateur Division Honorable Mention Amateur Division Individual Award

General Description

Title Math Graphing Puzzle
Platform smartphone / tablet
School -
Winner's name Tadanori Okada

Reason for the Honorable Mention / Individual Award

- Criterion for selection
Since this is the Individual Award newly established in 2014 and its awarded work to find new game creating talent, I put an emphasis on innovative idea for individual (indie game creator).

From this year, a theme has been set and it is "movement" this year.
I also considered the point how the work is in line with this theme.

Finally, as a matter of course, fun and touch as a game are important factors,
I considered such point.

- Ground for the selection
Based on the above viewpoints, I have selected "Numbers and shooting starts" for the following reasons.

[Originality of the idea]
The idea of a puzzle using graphs of mathematics has never been seen and new as an idea.

[Consistency with the theme]
Moving stars twinkling as responding to the player's operation is very beautiful and it's fun just touching and moving them.

[Appeal as a game]
The rules for the game is simple and operation is intuitive, people from children to adult can enjoy as soon as they download the application.
As a smart phone application developed by an individual, it has an appropriate size and the level is high, I chose the work.

Shinpei Yashima
GREE, Inc.

Work Introdution

It's a new puzzle game to experience the beauty of the formula.

Rules are straightforward. Touch a figure in the motif of graphs of math and make its orbital match will make the game clear.

From trigonometric functions and parabola, which are the classic textbook themes, to maniac Koch curve and clothoid curve.

They move like shooting star to fascinate players.
It is the work with high quality graphics expressing beauty of the formula and excellent planning to create a puzzle game.