AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 グローバル賞日本作品部門
General description

Title Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions
Release Sep 12, 2009
Price 4,800 yen (tax included)
Platform NintendoDS and DS Lite, DSi, LL
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher The Pokémon Company
Developer GAME FREAK inc.
Copyright ©2009 Pokémon.
©1995-2009 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./
Pocket Monster Pokémon / Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo / Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
Reason for the Global Award
This title provides new ways to enjoy Pokemon, such as using the PokeWalker to take pokemon for a walk, which expands the field of play to the real world.
The award was given because of the huge popularity of this title in the foreign market.
Work Introdution
It has been 10 years since the release of Pocket Monster Gold and Silver in 1999 and which has sold 23 million units worldwide, and now Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver has been newly created for the Nintendo DS.
This new adventure takes place in the Johto Region where you can walk with your pokemon or try various events in the new facility called the Pokesuron. In terms of both function and graphics, this is a major improvement over Gold and Silver.
In addition, you can encounter the legendary pokemon Ho-Oh and Lugia or enter the Kanto Region, another must-see stage that is entered after entering the Hall of Fame.
In addition, a pedometer called a “PokeWalker” is included with the game, and when you transfer a pokemon from the software to the PokeWalker, the pokemon will become more attached to you or increase its level the more steps you take.
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver contains many new surprises and fun not found in other Pokemon software.
Comment of the game producer
Thank you very much for selecting us for the Global Award.
The following year after Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver was released in Japan, it was localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Korean and released in those languages.
In recent years, we have taken the foreign version specifications into consideration when developing the Japanese version, so I am very pleased that those efforts have paid off.
As a remake version, we took great care when adding new elements to the classic parts that were retained, but I think that is what made the foreign versions as popular as the Japanese version.
Also, the included PokeWalker provides a new way of playing, which I think players around the world are enjoying.
Finally, most of all I want to give my heart-felt thanks the superb localization staff that quickly and accurately localized the title.
Thank you very much.
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