AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 優秀賞
General description

Release Apr 29, 2010
Price 5,229 yen (tax included)
Platform PSP®(PlayStation®Portable)
Distributor Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Developer Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Copyright ©Konami Digital Entertainment
Reason for the Award for Excellence
This award was given for this title’s popularity with many users for the commanding quality that exceeds the norm for portable game consoles, support of ad hoc communication for the first time by the series, developing entry routes through cooperative play, and the increased strategic elements such as the battles with enemy fighters and expanded military base.

Work Introdution
This is the latest in the Metal Gear series stealth action game where “you try to get in without being detected” and for which the direction, script, and game design were overseen by Hideo Kojima, the father of this series.
The story has Snake abandoning his country and the name BIGBOSS and going with his own unit to Columbia. A one time a visitor from the Central American country of Costa Rica comes to visit him.
Costa Rica had miraculously been able to remain peaceful during the Cold War when Central America was said to hold the key in the East-West balance of power, but the visitor related that a mysterious armed group had begun causing trouble all around the country.
Snake and his unit began investigating and discovered that the fragile peace that had been preserved by the balance in nuclear deterrence was evaporating away.
This game utilizes the characteristics of portable game consoles to support cooperative play using ad hoc communication for the first time for this series.
Depending on the mission, a maximum of 4 players can engage in cooperative play to support each other and open up entry routes that cooperative play makes possible, and you can expand your own base through game play as well as experience other fun ways to play and broader opportunities for game strategy.
How will this new game style of carrying around METAL GEAR SOLID in a portable game console advance the MGS?
Enjoy the new challenge and evolution.

Comment of the game producer
Thank you very much for selecting us for the Japan Game Awards 2011 Grand Award.
For this MGS PW we had a special objective for creating this game in the METAL GEAR series.
We will soon arrive at a new age where one game can be played both indoors and outdoors, anywhere at anytime.
As the first step in preparing for the coming age of cloud computing, we created this game for the PSP portable console as an experiment into “What is an MGS played on a portable console?”
What is an MGS played on a portable console? What is an MGS you can use to have fun playing together with your friends?
What is an MGS that Millennial Generation will enjoy playing? It was the PW that was developed in parallel while we were carefully considering such questions.
Therefore, we took the major risk of using an approach that departs from that of previous MGS to give birth to a different kind of MGS.
Further, this PSP version PW will also be released in November 2011 as an HD edition for high-end stationary machines.
This will allow transferring between the portable and stationary consoles to create a pseudo cloud computing feel to allow the MSG to be played anywhere at anytime.
This MSG is not a sequel to a game for an advanced high-end console, but the game specifications and vision resulted in a very futuristic design.
I think this is what impressed the judges most.
Thank you
Hideo Kojima
Game Designer
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