AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 優秀賞、ベストセールス賞
General description

Title Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon
White Version
Release Sep 18, 2010
Price 4,800 yen (tax included)
Platform NintendoDS and DS Lite, DSi, LL
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher The Pokémon Company
Developer GAME FREAK inc.
Copyright ©2010 Pokémon.
©1995-2010 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./
Pocket Monster Pokémon / Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo / Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
Reason for the Award for Excellence
This title provides a new way of enjoying Pokemon by transferring pokemon and engaging in battles via infrared communication and game sync with the website “Pokemon Global Link” using Wi-Fi.
The award was also given for its broad popularity among people of all ages from children to adults.
Reason for the Best Sales Award
This award was given for the record number of units sold during the specified period.
From the time the software was released on September 18, 2010 until the end of March this year, is sold 11.51 million units.
Work Introdution
This game is the latest in the Pocket Monster Series and is the first new edition in 4 years since Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl, which has sold over 17 million copies around the world.
There are over 150 completely new pocket monsters and the adventure takes place in the new Unova Region.
For communication play, this version is also enhanced with communication tools using new elements, such as always being able to communicate while playing, a “Passing by log” that allows you to see the information on other players playing nearby, and a high link that allows players to come and go in each other’s software.
There are also many other new elements, such as triple battle, where players can battle each other 3-on-3.
In addition, the website used jointly with this title, Pokemon Global Link, is an innovative service that shows the global communication battle ranking, allows you to transfer to the Pokemon you have caught online to your software, and do other fun things with Pokemon using a personal computer.
Comment of the game producer
Thank you very much for the Grand Award and Best Sales Award.
Our hope is that playing Pocket Monster Black and White will be enjoyable for those who have played the series since the beginning and those who are playing it for the first time.
With that in mind, we incorporated many new ideas that included pursuing a good design, using the latest technology, having new pocket monsters appear right up until the ending, giving the scenario good depth, and making the Chinese character mode easier to read.
From the beginning the theme was “antipole”—the concept of having two poles.
That is why we settled on the title “Black and White.”
Put simply, these two versions include the extreme concept of whether it is better to live in the city or in the country.
We wanted the players to realize that people need both the city and the country.
That is really the theme that is incorporated in “antipole.”
In addition, adding infrared communication presented the opportunity to try new things, such as being immediately able to make exchanges or engage in battles and to game sync with the site called “Pokemon Global Link” on personal computers via Wi-Fi.
I am very grateful for the way in which the staff came together to create this software that has led to the receipt of this wonderful award. We want to continue providing play that exceeds the imagination.
Thank you very much.
Pocket Monster Black and White
Director and Head of the Development Division
Junichi Masuda

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