AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 優秀賞
General description

Release Dec 9, 2010
Price 5,800 yen (tax included)
Platform Wii
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Copyright © 2010 Nintendo
Reason for the Award for Excellence
Support for simultaneous play by two players for the first time for the series as well as “Example play” and other features.
This award was given also taking into consideration that it is enjoyed by people of all ages and from advanced players to beginners.

Work Introdution
This is a completely new installment of the Donkey Kong series.
All of the visuals are composed of polygons while the typical elements of the original, such as the barrel cannon, hand car, and Rambi the rhinoceros, were retained. There are many devices that utilize the depth and new elements, such as the “blow system” that allow players to enjoy this as a completely new game while maintaining a sense of nostalgia.
In addition to 8 worlds and over 70 courses, there are plenty of volumes including mirror worlds that are the reverse of all courses as well as concept images and background music that can be unlocked by collecting puzzle pieces and a full range of other contents such as a gallery of dioramas.
The screen can be operated either using the Wii remote controller side holding style as with previous games in the series or, to utilize those characteristics, the Wii remote controller together with the nunchukus.
In addition, two players can play together for the first time in the series and it is also possible to merge DK and Didi into one, so skilled players can proceed through the game while carrying their partner on their back.
The game degree of difficultly may be a little higher than the previous series, but you can view the examples and difficult courses can be cleared automatically.

Comment of the game producer
The start of this project was so coincidental as to seem like destiny.
When a different project was derailed when the main members left the Retro Studios in America that had created it, we were presented with the Wii Donkey Kong project, which is a title Retro Studios had wanted to produce in the past but was not able to.
With the added feeling of destiny, we began development with great motivation, but the hurdle of creating a new game that would be enjoyed by both existing Donkey Kong fans and new fans was very high indeed.
With the goal of getting players to say “Wow!” at least once in a course, we worked together with Retro Studios and finally finished it after repeated trial and error and may refinements, and receiving this award tells us that we attained the level of quality we wanted to give our customers, which makes us both very happy and very grateful.
We will use this encouragement to continue making games that our customers can enjoy.
Thank you very much.
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