AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 優秀賞
General description

Title Xenoblade
Release Jun 10, 2010
Price 6,800 yen (tax included)
Platform Wii
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer -
Copyright © 2010 Nintendo / MONOLITHSOFT
Reason for the Award for Excellence
The field extends into the distance and the battles progress seamlessly.
This award was given for the unprecedented quality and completeness from the grand story and superb world view clear to the background music, which has many

Work Introdution
Xenoblade is an adventure RPG where you and your comrades explore all corners of this expansive world that extends out vertically.
―Kyoshin and Kishin
The people’s god “Giant God (Kyoshin)” and the machines’ god “Machine God (Kishin)” that had slept, stabbed each other, until the end of the long battle. The decaying bodies of these two pillar gods are the stage where the people living there and their friends form strong bonds and where the battle between people and machines occurs.
―Field extends far to the other side
The background of the field that exists as a contiguous world where everything consists of the bodies of Kyoshin and Kishin changes with height, so there are new discoveries the longer your adventure continues.
―Seamlessly progressing battle
The enemies on the field continue fighting without a change in scene.You fight the enemy while deploying the deadly techniques called “arts” as you move behind or to the side of your enemy, call out to your comrades to help each other out of pinches, and at times engage with your comrades in chain attacks against the enemy.
Activities of people living in the land The people living in the land of Kyoshin and Kishin are shown doing a variety of activities in the morning, day, and night, giving the game a strong sense of life.
The main character, Shulk, obtains the Monad, a sword that shows the future, and now engages in battle with the hated machines.

Comment of the game producer
While thinking about taking up the challenge to see if we could create a true RPG for installed machines, I came in contact with developer Monolith Software.
We refined the concept for about a year and then formed a development team led by young people from both companies.
With the goal of having the game developed by the new generation, it was completed after 3 years.
The objective for the game was to have people think of it as the “ruling RPG.”
The scenario is easy to understand and we strove to eliminate some of the player dissatisfaction with past RPG, such as using a system that keeps you interested even after repeated play over a long period of time and making it easy to move through the extensive map, and thus we were able to achieve the world view and game feel you would expect of Monolith Software.
This was a project of unprecedented scope and took much longer than initially expected, but it has also been received better than expected, so it was good that the development staff members of both companies kept working on it until the end without giving up and we are grateful for the praise we have received from the customers.
Thank you very much.
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