AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 優秀賞
General description

Release Feb 17, 2011
Price 7,329 yen (tax included)
Platform PlayStation®3 / Xbox 360®
Distributor Index Corporation.
Publisher Index Corporation.
Developer Index Corporation.
Copyright ©ATLUSCO.,LTD.2010
Reason for the Award for Excellence
This game has high-quality animation and game scenes and stylish sound that creates a
sense of realism.
This award was given for the deep theme, superb story, and because it is a title that can be
enjoyed by adults.

Work Introdution
The two Catherines—the girl who wants to get married and the small troublesome demon.
Is it Love or Death that awaits the worrying sheep?
This game is supported by an excellent staff and cast and is an unprecedented terrifying horror story.
This is a perfect new action adventure by the Atlas Persona team that worked on Persona 3 and Persona 4 and which is widely popular with game users for the high degree of completeness and stylish visuals and sound.
Studio 4ºC, is recognized around the world for its high quality works, such as the currently paying animation work “MEMORIES.”
In addition, the main character Vincent is played by Koichi Yamadera, and the two Catherines are played by Kotono Mitsuishi and Miyuki Sawashiro. Excellent voice actors have also been cast for the supporting roles.
This work has high quality animation and game scenes and features stylish sound and design.
This games features both the accessibility that allows adults to play it with the depth to allow serious users to enjoy it for a long time.

Comment of the game producer
As the representative of the creators, I want to thank all of those related with the game and the players who play Catherine for making this award possible. Thank you very much.
Catherine was sort of different experiment, but that experiment has become popular with many people.
We are very pleased the game is popular with users over a much wider age range than expected and among both men and women.
We aimed for a game experience that would etch itself in the minds of players and also tried to make it an exhilarating and interesting game.
We ask for your continued support.
Index Corporation
Producer & Game Director
Katsura Hashino
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