AWARDED GAMES Games of the Year Division
年間作品部門 優秀賞
General description

Title Wii Party
Release Jul 8, 2010
Price 4,800 yen (tax included)
Platform Wii
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer -
Copyright © 2010 Nintendo
Reason for the Award for Excellence
This award was given because this game presented a new
way to play with the game focusing on people and proceeding outside of the TV and has become very popular with many
users across the generations.

Work Introdution
Wii Party is a party game that allows anyone to easily have a really fun time playing anyone else in a short time.
There are many play genre that can be played by the family, a gathering of friends, or a group of people having a victory party.
The games are played with easy rules for up to 4 people and in addition to the standard party games like sugoroku, bingo, and roulette, there are new ways to play, such as guessing the animal sounds coming from the Wii remote controller, finding the Wii remote controller hidden in the room, and handing off the remote controller without wobbling like a bomb —games that make the players, rather the TV screen, the center of attention.
There are also many games that are fun for two players,
such as compatibility check.
There are over 80 fun mini games that can be easily played by anyone, and not only can you freely play the mini games you like, but you can use the mini games in a variety of different ways to play.

Comment of the game producer
The start was a desire to create a new party game that leveraged the characteristics of the Wii,
and the answer that was reached after thinking for a long time about different ways to play was the concept of “fun games to play with people.”
Unlike standard party games where the game console is the center of attention, a new way of playing where the people rather than the TV are at the center of play was incorporated with the aim of providing a different kind of fun not available before.
In addition, the mini games were created so that they could be easily operated and played so that even first timers could easily participate in the games.
I am very happy to receive this award, and it makes me want to continue trying new ways to allow many people to enjoy party games.
I am very grateful for this award and together with all the staff we will continue to strive to introduce new games to the world.
Thank you very much.
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