A vote by the general public is held to select candidates for the Games of the Year Division awards from among excellent
titles that have already been introduced for sale. Then the Japan Game Awards selection committee comprised of industry
magazine editors, distributors, and creators judge the titles from different perspectives and then use the market evaluation
and comprehensive evaluation of the selection committee members to select the various awards for the best titles to
represent that year.
Beginning this year, the Game Designers Award has been newly established and will be selected by game creators from
among the many excellent titles. The Game Designers Award will be selected and awarded based on the originality and
innovation of the game from the perspective of professional game creators. This award will become a new index for the
future of the game industry and was established to contribute to the development of the industry.
Award to be judged by 11 famous Japanese game creators with Masahiro Sakurai serving as committee Chairman
The Game Designers Award is selected by a selection committee consisting of Chairman Masahiro Sakurai
(president of Sora Ltd.), who is famous for Kirby’s Dream Land and Super Smash Bros. among other titles, and 10 other
famous Japanese creators who concur with the objective of the award.

Kazutoshi Iida

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

Jiro Ishii

LEVEL-5 Inc.

Fumito Ueda

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Hideki Kamiya


Masayoshi Kikuchi

SEGA Corporation

Hifumi Kawano


Masahiro Sakurai

Sora Ltd

Shu Takumi


Keiichiro Toyama

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Jin Fujisawa


Shinji Mikami

Tango Co., Ltd.