- GAME AWARDS 2003-2004 - -

- This year's award winners have been selected from a total of 359 titles chosen through a vote conducted over the Internet and by mail between May 1 and Sept. 12. The CESA GAME AWARDS Selection Committee was responsible for the final decisions regarding the allocation of each award.

GAME AWARDS 2003-2004- Awarded Titles

Award for Excellence

This is the third part in the ONIMUSHA series and we would like to express our gratitude to ONIMUSHA fans for their continued support. Although we will be ending the series, we will do our best to go on to get the Grand Award for our new title.
KatamariDamacy (NAMCO LIMITED)

We feel a little sorry because we aimed at winning the Grand Award.
I would like to express my gratitude to all of our staff members and our game fans. Thank you.


I think it's unfortunate that we could not win the Grand Award.
I believe the three-volume structure of the game has been evaluated highly.
I would like to say thank you to our long time supporters.
grand theft auto III (CAPCOM CO.,LTD)

We are very happy to have been able to introduce the worldwide best-selling GTA series to Japan and to receive such an honorable award.
Thank you.

We deeply appreciate the support from our users, as SENGOKU MUSOU was able to become a big hit and sell more than 1 million units.
We will do our best as a team to make an even better product after this so that it may attract more users.

In the past 14 months since GameCube was released to the market, we have created GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions of our game oriented to North America. They have been accepted very well and we are happy to know that users there enjoy the game very much. We will continue to enthusiastically create more games.

When we started designing this game, all our team members aimed at creating a high quality entertainment package that would please everyone regardless of age or gender.
So we are very happy to be awarded.
Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green (The Pokémon Company)

This game software is a transferable version of Pokémon Red/Green, which offers a new form of play through application of a wireless adapter.
I would like to say thank you to all our supporters and development staff.
(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)

When we found that one respondent had commented on a questionnaire form that she had voted for us because our game could be played between her three-year-old and five-year-old children, her husband and herself all at once, we were happy to know that our game had been selected because our initial aim was to be able to please everyone. Currently, we are working hard to release EVERYBODY'S GOLF PORTABLE soon.
WORLD SOCCER Winning Eleven 7

We are always pleased to receive many opinions and comments from our users.
All our staff members will continue to do their absolute best. So, we hope to be able to have your continued support.
Thank you for today.

Special Award
EyeToyTM: Play (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)

We are proud of receiving this Special Award today.
Just this time last year, our work on this project was nearing its climax and we were anxious whether the first game using a camera would be accepted by the market or not. Today, I am glad to know that all those hours we spent waving our hands at a camera on our desk could finally pay off.

This game was created with the cooperation of Shinsedai (SSD COMPANY LIMITED) and was aimed at opening up a new Dragon Quest world. In the process of making this game, all the staff members suffered from muscle pains at one time or another but we could finally produce a very interesting game, which can be enjoyed by a wide range of people from small children to long time Dragon Quest fans.

The development of the basic Famicom Emulator started a long time ago and it has been applied to several kinds of game software including Dobutsu-no Mori. Since then, we have achieved many technological improvements and finally established one product group. Thanks to the support given us by numerous software manufacturers as well as the devotion expressed by all others involved, this game was able to be completed and be recognized with this award.

Global Award
[ Foreign Product ]   [ Japanese Product ]
Need for Speed Underground (Electronic Arts K.K.)

This series has been played for quite a long time. In this version we can see some familiar names and we feel that the game itself is a lot of fun to play. We wondered how we could introduce it to Japanese users. The product has had a lot of appeal in both Europe and the US and has been well accepted by users in both regions. Despite the difficulty we had localizing this game, we are glad to know that the product has been highly evaluated here in Japan as well. Receiving this award, I think, is ample compensation for our developmental efforts.

We have been creating professional wrestling games for 11 years.
Fortunately, our products have been favorably accepted and users now associate YUKE'S with pro-wrestling games.
But, this is our first time to receive such an award. So all our staff members are extremely excited.
We will do our best to continue to make good games for users to enjoy.
I really want to thank you all for today.

Best Sales Award
Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green (The Pokémon Company)

The high level of sales which our game has achieved reflects the large number of people using our product. This brings great satisfaction to all of the members of the development staff who worked so hard on this project.
We did our best to create a game which could be played by anyone. We also came to discover that one of the pitfalls of trying to make something easier is that things often conversely end up being more complicated. We went to a lot of works and overcame a lot of problems to complete this game.
Please try playing it.

Grand Award

*Mr. Tanaka, Producer (right)
When I look back now, I remember that before this game's release we spent a very long time working on it and that so many people were involved.
The project was launched with the intention of producing Capcom's best ever action game and of achieving the highest quality on-line graphics. To accomplish such goals, we spent a long time deleting and modifying many parts in response to technological developments. But now I believe that all our efforts have paid off.
There are ladies in the customer section who have supported us even after the game release and sales staff who have visited one retailer after another to help sell our product. I also consider these people as members of our team.

*Mr. Fujioka, Director (left)
The project was launched from a concept which was based on the simple desire to hunt gigantic monsters. Because there are many technical limitations to on-line games, we had gone through a lot of trial and error and our final product contained a number of idiosyncrasies.
But we were glad to find out that users evaluated such peculiarities positively and found our game interesting. Our labors resulted in us receiving this Grand Award. This is just the beginning for MONSTER HUNTER. We believe it will continue to evolve further. So please look forward to the title's growth.

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