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Award for excellenceSky: Children of the Light

General Description



Title Sky: Children of the Light
Release 2021/6/30
Price free-to-play
Platform iOS / Android OS / Nintendo Switch
Distributor thatgamecompany
Publisher thatgamecompany
Developer thatgamecompany
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This much-loved social adventure game can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch.

A player takes on a role of a “Child of the Light,” and flying with wings, brings fallen stars back to the constellations throughout adventure across seven realms.
During the adventure, you can act freely: play with other players, play musical instruments together, and admire the scenery across the wide world.
In seasonal events, new spirits offer gifts of limited items, and a player can change a new quest.

In the general vote, the game gained overwhelming support from female teenage users, who had heartwarming occasions full of joys, kindness and won the award.

Work Introdution

“Sky: Children of the Light” is a much-loved social adventure game downloadable on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch.

Anybody can play through instinct while players are emotionally moved, feel connected to others, and share their feelings. And with that experience, they are more generous, consider others more often, and have a salutary effect on their real world. “Sky,” holding out these ideals, has been winning hearts and minds of many players since the release in 2019 and been being energetically updated.

The cumulative number of downloads throughout the world is 160 million (as of March 2022), and the community is expanding more than ever.



Comment of the game producer

We are really honored that “Sky: Children of the Light” was selected for the award with such a long history. All team members are wrapped with joy as well as feel tense.

We understand well we received this award just because fans passionately supported this game. For us, Sky players are our family all over the world. Since the beta test launch, players and we developers have been cooperating for better experiences and the community growth. Your warm support, appropriate feedback, and your kindness in watching us are indispensable for us to win this award.

We are really grateful to those who voted for Sky, those who play our game, those who took part in the community to expand our thoughts, and all others who supported us.

Jenova Chen