Title Wii Fit
Release Dec 1, 2007
Price 8,800 yen (tax included)
Wii Balance Board included
Platform Wii
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
URL http://www.nintendo.co.jp/
Copyright (C)2007 Nintendo

This work is awarded the prize for expanding the definition of game in overseas market to contribute to expansion of the market as well as receiving support from many users.

"Wii Fit" enables to experience new operating feeling using the full body employing a “Wii balance board” developed just for Wii.
The work includes over 40 full-fledged training and balance games rich in variety.
With a “Wii Balance Board”, gravity point can be measured to check right-left balance of the body and BMI can also be measured. The “Wii balance board” is also used to check if exercise is correctly performed in the training as well as a controller using the full body.
Since the Karada Sokutei (physical measurement) data are put into a graph automatically, continuing measurement every day will make it useful for health care of all family members and comparing the graph of family members is also possible.
The Karada Sokutei can be installed as “Wii Fit channel” and doing so enables to readily perform physical measurement without using the disk every day.
"Wii Fit" is software which promotes family communication bringing up the health that anyone of the family must care about.

I’m honored to have received such a prize also this year in addition to the last year’s Grand Award/Award for Excellence/Best Sales Award.
We consider that there is global tendency toward health-consciousness in the background of global appreciation of “Wii Fit”.
It may have been a merit of “Wii Fit” that it enables users to readily practice training enjoyably at home.
We would be happy if “Wii Fit” is helpful to the health of users who are interested in this videogame.

We also intend to check what is unsatisfactory in this work reviewing opinions from users and reflect the findings in the next work. Thank you very much.