Title Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel
Release Nov 27, 2008
Price 5,040 yen (tax included)
Platform NintendoDS and DS Lite, DSi
Distributor LEVEL-5 Inc.
Publisher LEVEL-5 Inc.
Developer LEVEL-5 Inc.
URL http://www.layton.jp/
Copyright (C) 2008 LEVEL-5 Inc.

This is the culminating work of three-decker videogames. It was awarded the prize for a lot of voices from a wide range of from children to adults stating, “It was moving” and “It moved me to tears”.

The last work of the three-decker charade adventure videogame “Professor Layton” where the story develops as you unravel mysteries (puzzles).
The concept is “charade x time slip”.
In the wake of a letter from Luke in the future of ten years from, Professor Layton and young Luke set off for London in the future.
All mysteries are original puzzles created by Akira Tago, author of “Atama no Taiso (Mental Exercise)”. More puzzles than the previous version are included. In addition, voice actors are gorgeous including guest staring Shun Oguri, Yoshino Kimura and Takaya Kamikawa in addition to Yo Oizumi and Maki Horikita.
In this work, unknown mysteries are cleared including an episode of Layton’s faint love and why he is always wearing a silk hat. Please enjoy Professor Layton’s past and future stories depicted with beautiful animation.

Thank you very much for such a splendid prize for each of the three-decker works including the former “Mysterious town” and “Devil’s Box”.
“Last Time Travel” can be regarded as the comprehensive result of the series since it is the last work of the three-decker videogame. All of the staffs have concentrated efforts to produce the work so that we can provide more powerful contents than the former two titles. After completing the production, we had very high sense of accomplishment and feeling of contentment and we were looking for the time to deliver the game to you.
The work is detail-oriented introducing new music for mysteries and regarding ease of play more important. We believe that the game is enjoyable for both beginners to the Layton series and those who have played the former versions.
While the “Professor Layton” series is once concluded with the “Last Time Travel”, we plan to release a new three-decker work to continue the series. Since the fourth work and animation movie are planned to be released, we expect more support from you. Please continue to keep your eyes on Professor Layton.
Thank you very much.