Title 428~In the blocked city, Shibuya~
Release Dec 4, 2008
Price 7,140 yen (tax included)
Platform Wii
Distributor SEGA Corporation
Publisher SEGA Corporation
Developer CHUNSOFT Co., Ltd.
URL http://chun.sega.jp/428/
Copyright (C)2008 CHUNSOFT

The sophisticated representation by sound and the scenario enabling complicated arrangement according to selections by the player have achieved an entertainment which can only be expressed in a game.
The work was awarded the prize for its high completeness.

On April 28, 200x, a mysterious kidnapping case has occurred in the jurisdiction of Shibuya Police Office. The kidnapper demands a ransom of 50 million yen.
However, the event suddenly turns beyond the reach of imagination.
This is a fruit of the sound novel where stories of five leading characters cross and link is developed at a breathless speed.
This work has realized somewhat terrifying sense of reality which was never achieved by the existing games by many videos shot by daring large-scale location shooting in Shibuya and realistic sounds synchronized with those videos. It presents a time limit suspense story which cannot take your eyes off from development in steps of five minutes.
The scenario of the main volume of the game is written by Mr. Yukinori Kitajima, author of a sound novel “Imabi Kisou”, game music is by Mr. Naoki Sato, composer of “ALWAYS: San Chome no Yuhi”. In addition, bonus scenarios are written by Mr. Takemaru Abiko, author of “Kamaitachi no Yoru”, Mr. Kinoko Nasu and Mr. Takashi Takeuchi of “TYPE-MOON”, and other well-known creators participated in the work.

Thank you very much for awarding the excellent prize of the “Japan Game Awards 2009” to “248 –Fusasareta Shibuyade–”.
I’d like to express our gratitude to users who voted for our work representing the SEGA-CHUNSOFT Project.
Personally, I received the same prize as the director of “3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei: Densetsu no Kyoudan ni Tate!” in 2005. Receiving the prize for successive two titles I directed, I’m deeply concerned with the prize of this time. Honestly speaking, I feel relieved since I declared that I would win the Japan Game Award from the first time when the “428” project was started and I could avoid becoming an OKAMI-CHUNEN (untruthful midlife).
Surely, “428” was highly appreciated by surprisingly many people. I’m grateful to excellent staffs for this. I also intend to devote myself so that I can return to the Japan Game Awards with the excellent staffs for the next work.
I’d like to always aim to produce better work than the previous work to make it my masterpiece.
Jiro Ishii, General Director of “428”, CHUNSOFT Co., Ltd.