Release Jun 12, 2008
Price 8,800 yen (tax included)
Platform PlayStation®3
Distributor Konami Digital Entertainment
Co., Ltd.
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
Co., Ltd.
Developer Konami Digital Entertainment
Co., Ltd.
URL http://www.konami.jp/mgs4/jp/
Copyright (C)2008 Konami Digital Entertainment

Unparalleled quality and volume in all of video, sound, story and the game system.
It is supreme entertainment software surpassing the framework of videogame.
This work is awarded the prize for admirably responding to expectation of users to receive enthusiastic support from them including voices, “I was moved! It’s tremendous!”

Recorded No. 1 cumulative shipments as exclusive PS3 software.
The “METAL GEAR” series is a work of Director Hideo Kojima first released in 1987 to establish an innovative genre of “infiltration espionage action” to enable users to experience the thrill to “infiltrate keeping from being seen by the opponent”. The series has cumulatively sold over 27 million titles globally.
This work is created to make use of the full performance of PS3 putting all characters of the series on the stage. It has realized unparalleled full HD video and 5.1h surround sound for all stories and to receive many awards in many countries around the world.
In 2014, rise of a private military contracting company (PMC) altered war into a business. The leading character “Solid Snake” chases old enemy and infiltrate into a controlled battlefield by himself. However, his body which is a clone of legendary hero “Big Boss” was rapidly getting aged...
The last battle of “Solid Snake” begins under the theme of “SNESE” which cannot be passed along.

Thank you very much for awarding the excellent prize of the “Japan Game Awards 2009”.
I’m honored to have been selected for the prize.
The “METAL GEAR” series celebrates the 23rd anniversary this year and “MGS4” is a title for which we have special feeling among the existing METAL GEAR SAGA series titles. We have produced it as the fruit of our labors for the digital entertainment software.
And it is also a title which was completed miraculously through daily struggles and agonies for that reason.
The underlying theme of the MGS series is “what is to be passed along to the next generation”. In the past MGS series titles, “GENE”, “MEME” and “SCENE” etc. were incorporated as the “keyword to be passed along”. In MGS4, we daringly introduced “Personal will” and “Sensibility” which are “difficult to pass along to the next generation”. This is because we wanted to have today’s young people, who intend to physically know answer for everything using digital tools, “feel” analog “what should not be forgotten even if they are difficult to pass along”. When we were noticed of the award this time, we felt relieved feeling that “we succeeded to communicate our intention to our fans to some degree” and, at the same time, we blessed ourselves for “having completed MGS4”.
Thank you very much.
Hideo Kojima, Game designer