Title Persona4
Release Jul 10, 2008
Price 7,329 yen (tax included)
Platform PlayStation®2
Distributor ATLUS.CO.,LTD.
Publisher ATLUS.CO.,LTD.
Developer ATLUS.CO.,LTD.
URL http://p4.atlusnet.jp/
Copyright (C)ATLUS CO.,LTD. 1996,2008

Excellent story, automatically generated dungeons and impressive BGM etc.
The prize was awarded for the high quality as a work.

“Persona4” is completely an original work having its setting in today’s world.
○ Precise scene setting and densely described characters.
Despite the genre of RPG, multi-ending surpassing the previous work is waiting for the player after the charade and adventures of this work which is based on the material of “mystery and suspense”. Naruki Fukushima takes charge of the character design & art direction as with the previous work.
○ More densely concentrated game system
Graphical user interface is further sophisticated to make the game system faster. The latest Title of “Persona” series becomes more amusing as you play it more.

“Persona4” is RPG software to pursue a series of murders at a high school in a rural town. Players will get sucked in the world of the videogame through the daily part which gives feeling as if you are actually living a high school life with comrades and tension-packed extraordinary part of a mystery story where situation changes again and again. And heated battle which keeps us breathless does not let us relax our attention to the last moment.
Besides this, there are all sorts of elements for going the full yard including infinite integration of persona and a variety of automatically generated dungeons. In addition, sophisticated user interface and impressive BGM further enhances the world of the videogame. These elements are highly appreciated by users enabling the Title to score a big hit selling over 300,000 titles and has received high evaluation also in overseas.
“Persona4” is a juvenile work in which an ordinary leading character grows up together with comrades overcoming various difficulties.