Title Demon's Souls
Release Feb 5, 2009
Price 6,980 yen (tax included)
Platform PlayStation®3
Distributor Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Developer FromSoftware,Inc.
URL http://www.jp.playstation.com/
Copyright (C)2009 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

This work has achieved excellent operability and exquisitely set difficult, innovative online system and pursued amusingness of the videogame itself such as the sense of mastery you can get as you go on the game.
The prize was awarded for receiving support from many users who stated, “It’s captivating! It’s a true game I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

This work offers a massive world of dark fantasy drawn with unparalleled expressing power of PlayStation®3. This is a full-blown action RPG pursuing the “Challenge”, “Discovery” and “Sense of mastery” which are the primary amusingness of videogame under the concept of “return to the starting line”.
Profound bargaining with opponents with distinctive personality enhances freedom of how to win the battle and calculatedly created 3D maps provide pleasure of search and discovery. Players can work out original play style based on own experience and imagination to enjoy the “satisfaction of thinking and conquering”.
In addition, unexampled innovative network system enables to create moderate fellow feeling/sense of sharing with players connected via the network by “hint message” and display of other players’ “illusion” etc. The unique multi-play system gives players many unprecedented stimuli which are sometimes cooperation and sometimes hostility.
Please enjoy somehow classical but thoroughly new “Demon’s Souls”.

Thank you very much awarding us the excellent prize of the Japan Game Awards.
Expressive power of videogames has greatly been enhanced as a result of progress in hardware and many videogames today are expressing their world and story etc. in glossy CG. However, CG is not the only way of progress of videogames, is it?
Considering in this way, we tried to develop the game itself rather than graphics and movies aiming to create a work which will stimulate the imagination of the player.
However, we wondered, will it be accepted by today’s users to make such a challenge in an original Title?
“Demon’s Souls” is a work completed with pure zest of the production team for “creating amusing videogame” which surpassed that worry and long succession of challenges.
Receiving such a splendid prize at last, we are feeling the very “Challenge”, “Discovery” and “Sense of mastery”. I’d like to thank many users who supported “Demon’s Souls”. Thank you very much.