Platform PC
Position Shobi University

Personally, I was most struck by this work.
While there are critical shortcomings such as confusing rules and lack of organization as a game, it has exclusive atmosphere which far outweighs such incompleteness.
I was very impressed by the fantastic artistry evoking neon signs and fireworks, the user interface that is to freely draw round, the use of the screen to make us feel as if drawing a picture in the night sky with a crayon, and the technical skills to have marvelously realized those elements. What’s more, it is quite admirable that this work is produced only by a person.
I expect the author to try next time to make final adjustment up to the easy-to-understand play method making use of the good taste as it is.

Graffiti type action videogame where actions are made by drawing a circle or a square in the night sky using a mouse.
Player is to protect a mysterious plant “Hoshipocha” from the enemy and grow a fruit feeding flowers and bring it to the princess standing still in the night sky. You are to draw a circle to feed a flower and a square to create a meteorite to attack and defeat the enemy.
This work is amusing with the feeling like drawing graffiti with a light touch and its unique game system and the artistic image of the game world are very impressive.