Title Painting Wear
Platform PC
Position Niigata Hight Technology College
Prize Yu Sakai

In the genre of stealth videogame, the point of amusingness is the ring-a-ding and the aspect of tactics in the process to infiltrate into the enemy’s base and go forward avoiding to be detected by the enemy or monitoring cameras.
While this is a very infiltration type game, they say that the leading character is an invisible man.
Since enemies cannot see an invisible man, he/she does not need to take cover. I wondered, “can it be made into a game?” But I was convinced when I played it.
If the invisible man is caught in a white paint pool, he becomes visible at the part painted part and easier to be detected. If he gets in a water pool, the paint on the portion submerged in the water is washed off and becomes invisible again.
If rationally thought, there should not be such an expedient opponent base. However, the setting that the leading character is an invisible man and the graphics full of atmosphere of cyberspace feeling make it convincing. Despite such a fictional world, it’s actually a pulse-pounding game. Tactical aspect like a game is found in the influences that are exerted on the actions such as escaping traps by to what “degree” and at which “position” the invisible man is painted.
We selected the work for the free-minded imagination like amateur and the possibilities it has.

The leading character is imprisoned at the secret base of the enemy. Player is to try to fling off from the confine slipping through the traps set around the secret base.
The enemy’s traps are meaningless to the leading character who is an invisible man. However, once colored liquid sticks to the body, the portion becomes visible and you become unable to go through the trap. Command showers and pools which enable to recover invisibility and slip through traps to open the next door.
The innovative idea and the feeling of tension the work gives you to make you become white-knuckle are excellent.