Title Flare in the Incubus
Platform PC
Position ECC College of Computer & Multimedia
Prize O-Rocks.labo

Honestly speaking, I want to play this videogame on a next generation machine with high graphics performance such as PS3 or Xbox360.
The aimed point of the game is rather orthodox or, in other words, cut-and-dried, but I was surprised seeing that such a large-scale game is constructed to this level.
If some convincing gizmos are incorporated for selecting and using a card, it might become marketable.

A 3D dark fantasy action videogame to fight and defeat attacking demons manipulating a character.
In this game, your character doesn’t attack by itself but defeats the enemy practicing a magic using a selected card. There are so many as 20 magic effects to wonderfully express the world of the dark fantasy.
The game system makes good use of the effect of magic and is full of elements for going the full yard not to let the player get bored.