Platform PC
Position Kisarazu National College of Technology
Prize Tatsuya Koyama

I enjoyed the videogame very much; I played it even at the intermission after the selection.
The idea to enable the player to experience the history of the shooting videogame as you go through stages and as your own machine is powered up is excellent; I felt there affection of the creator to the shooting game. The exhilaration felt when powered up during fighting against a big opponent is absolutely wonderful. Both graphics and music are also marvelous and the stage presentation is designed well. I’d like to recommend those who are fond of shooting videogames to go through this one.
I highly appreciate that the work has a “knack” of making players amused with stylishness and snugness as well as the conception/technical skills to have actualize them.

Vertical scrolling evolution type shooting videogame. The work incorporates an original idea that not only the stage but also the game itself develops.
Player’s machine becomes upgraded when obtained a certain quantity of items opponents dropped and the stage develops as well as a stage is cleared. Starting with nostalgic Invader-like game, it gradually develops to become a modern shooting game.
This work is excellent not only in terms of its unique game system but also as a full-fledged shooting game. It’s a work which must be played thoroughly.