Title OH!naradeGO!
Platform Wii
Position DEA
Prize yo! joshi! project

This is a quite highly motivated work using not a Wii remote controller but a balance board. While no distinctively innovative elements in the game characteristic, it is appraisable that the work uses a balance board instead of an ordinary controller.
Graphics and character design are at such a high level which can hardly be expected from amateurs. It is agreeable that characters are given different abilities since this is an important point for a racing videogame. Stage composition and tutorials are also satisfactory to achieve a high level of completeness as a work.

Videogame for Wii.
New feeling racing videogame using a balance board. You are to drive by manipulating a character moving the center of gravity in four directions and pressing the button of the Wii remote controller.
What holds the key for winning the race is the sense of balance!
Videogame-beginner-friendly body action-based direct operation feeling and choice of characters with different characteristics multiply the amusingness! It’s a work full of attractiveness of a new videogame including POP game world and operation method which gives sense of reality.