Title Magnet of a silence
Platform PC
Position Niigata Computer college
Prize Ms Doliko

Using a magnet’s north and south poles for a puzzle videogame is not a quite innovative technique.
Nonetheless, actually playing it, I found the work is excellent in “making a rather common idea into an amusing game by intuitive snugness and profound game design” to realize the following characteristics:
・Floating feeling in the air,
・You need to use your brain to implement, in a sense, management to control the route, and
・You are required to upgrade your skill to be able to make operation (especially the timing) though you know it in mind.
I considered in various ways how to express the characteristic. To stretch a point, it’s not an achievement of the game system but a result of “sophisticated level design”. Anyway, the MAP is exquisitely shaped and the arrangement of magnets is excellent to create a space to let you feel floating sensation and have a sense of speed.
Nonetheless, there must many problems to be solved in the future. There is an enormous difference between a “videogame which is amusing if played” and a “tempting videogame looking amusing”. Since the work is enjoyable enough in terms of the game system and the level design, it will become a step closer to professional if attention is paid to image creation and expression to compel customers to play it at first glance.
(I’m not saying let’s make it into 3D or incorporate movies. Analog and nostalgic 2D design has particular merits. Leave that point untouched and consider incorporating extraordinary distinctive visuals to make the work an eye-catching and “tempting” videogame.)
Thank you very much for offering a chance to play such an amusing game which offers a glimpse of the future. I expect you to further devote yourselves to your studies and make efforts. I hope you’ll do your best!

This is an action videogame to go for the goal within the time limit manipulating a character which can transform itself into the south or north pole. You are to manipulate the character to go forward utilizing the repulsive and attraction forces of the south and north poles placed in places of the stage and magnetized blocks by the respective poles and transformation into the south or north pole.
The magnetic forces are exquisitely set and player is to go for the goal being taunted by the magnetic force which is difficult to precisely predict. With the simple operation method, this is an amiable work filled with amusingness of a game which tempts you to play again and again.