Platform NintendoDS and DS Lite, DSi
Position Nihon Kogakuin College
Prize Minority

I enjoyed to the full the videogame properly making use of the functions of DS hardware. The flow of the game is also organized well so that I could indulge in the game world from the start to the end.
I also appreciate that the game is designed from the viewpoint of players not forcing the idea of the developer onto players.
I expect the production team to throw up innovative videogames.

Work for Nintendo DS.
The time limit is until the end of the music which starts when you start the videogame. Player is to push out the opponent with the power released by a bubble created by breathing on the built-in microphone of DS and brought together with a touch pen.
This work demonstrates high level of total skills including elaborated characters and representation by full voice. The direct feeling of operation making use of the function of a touch pen is quite attractive.