Title iDEARTh
Platform PlayStation®3
Position DEA
Prize Leaning Tower of DEA

First of all, I’d like to appreciate that this work is produced for running on “PlayStation3” and its high level of completeness. My honest impression is that it is admirable to have challenged and mad this work to this level for the platform even professional programmers experience hardships in development. I was especially surprised by the high level of the programming and the visuals.
This work is also appreciable in terms of the game system though the technical aspects tend to draw attention.
By making use of the idea of “rising” ground for attacking and defense during a battle and for relay points during move, the work is marvelously made into a “game”. The idea is successfully used to make the game amusing. High-level skills are found at every turn and not only the game but also the developer is of great promise.

A 3D action videogame for PlayStation®3.
Player is to manipulate a character which makes the ground rise to move to a higher place or make a gigantic enemy tumble in the air using the energy obtained by defeating an enemy.
The exhilarating and impact-giving actions as well as massive atmosphere of the game world and beautiful graphics are the largest attractiveness of this videogame. The work has achieved both high level of graphics and game quality.