Title I’m Qbe
Platform PC
Position HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design
Prize Tatsuya Kikkawa

The idea to go for the goal rolling a cube is orthodox. However, it is made into a solid puzzle game applying the idea that stepping on a certain item on the move causes a face to be put on the surface stepped on.
Specifically, since stepping on a certain item with the surface on which a face is put causes the game to be over, you are required to roll the cube using your brain. Also the existence of enemy character contributes to the enhancement of elements of the puzzle. The structure of stages is also polished well. Use of vivid colors is good and the elaborated overall game design makes good impression.
While it lacks outstanding characteristics, it is made out to get more than a passing mark.

To clear the game, you need gather all blank surfaces putting your own character “Pearl” on them manipulating the cubic character “Qbe (cube)”. Roll the Qbe tactfully measuring the distance between the blank surface and the “Pearl”.
One way is to contemplate and roll the cube! Rolling the cube passively without thinking is another way. The work is full of enjoyable elements for everybody with plain rule and amusing feeling of the rolling operation as well as a fancy world of the game.