Platform PC
Position Tokyo Polytechnic University
Prize Takenoko

The work gives impression that it is elaborated to achieve total balance from the play feeling to the level of difficulty the game. There are many works which are unsuccessful to make final adjustment to have its amusingness understood though the idea of the game is interesting. In that sense, this work is excellently completed.
I consider narrowing down the idea to only two types of play methods which are simple repetitive button striking and cooperative play must be the factor for the successful total result.
In actuality, we enjoyed the game speaking and shouting each other with other players whom I met for the first time putting aside the examination.
While the graphics and sound are not distinctively assertive, they are contributing to well-balanced game world together with the characteristic of the game.
The good balance must have been realized owing to repetitive test play and adjustment by the production team members. I was made re-realize that the intention “to make an amusing videogame” is nothing but the whole point and the basic of game production.

Tandem play-dedicated action game.
Two players are to hold a stick and go for the goal making dash and jump in total synch to avoid enemies and traps in the way without dropping the stick.
The crucial point of the game is the harmony between the two players. When the game is cleared, they must be speaking the same language!? The work is amusing with full of nervous excitement as well as the high level of completeness.